Marcador 3

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LD Marker 3 is ideal for determining the size of double-stranded DNA from 200 to 4,500 base pairs. The ladder consists of 7 linear double-stranded fragments. The 1,200bp fragment is present at increased intensity to allow easy identification. All fragments are precisely quantified and mixed during the production. For 5 ul loading, all fragments except 1200bp are 10.5ng. The 1200bp fragment is 21.5ng. This ladder is pre-mixed with loading dye and is ready to use.


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M4021 (60 preps)/M4022(60 preps×5)




LD DNA Marker is suitable for pairing with non-toxic nucleic acid dyes when pre-staining the gel.

Recommended Loading

5 µl/lane


Typical Bands    21.5ng/5µl

Other Bands     10.5ng/5µl

Recommended Electrophoresis Condition

5 µl/lane, 8cm 1% Agarose Gel, 1×TAE, 7V/cm, 40min.

Contents (bp)



Stable for 3 months at RT, for long-time storage, please store at -20 ̊C.

Nº preparaciones

60, 60 x 5

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